When should you hire a private driver rather than use a taxi service?

Posted on: 8 June 2017

When you need to organise a ride from one location to another, most business people immediately think of using a taxi service. However, in some circumstances, it can be cheaper, easier, and more reliable to use a personal driver hire service. Here are some indications you should be considering using a personal driver hire service. 

You are coming from a long way out of town

It is relatively easy to pick up a taxi when you are in the central business district. However, if you are coming from a location that is a long way out of town, it can be hard to hail a cab, and it may be hard to lure cabs out to your location as they often can't get a fare that can help to get to your location and may prefer to stay in a busier area. Personal driver hire services tend to be more flexible with pick up and drop off locations. 

You need a ride at a hard-to-manage hour

If you need a cab at an unusual hour, such as very early or late at night or during the time that cab companies do a 'handover' between morning, afternoon and night shifts, you might find that the cab doesn't come exactly at the time you hope for. This can be a problem if you have a time sensitive issue such as needing to get to an important meeting or needing to get to the airport for a flight. A personal driver will schedule your ride so that you get to your location exactly when you need to get there and will give you a fixed price so you don't need to deal with 'surge' pricing or other controls to try and discourage your ride. 

You need a lot of cars (at the same time)

If you are having a big event where you need to organise a lot of rides for the same time, then you may find it hard to get these all at the same time from a local car company. Using a personal driver hire can be a great option for events where you need to co-ordinate a large number of rides, as they can co-ordinate cars and drivers from a range of services, so everyone gets a ride at the same time. 

If you need to get to your location exactly on time, are coming and going from a more uncommon location, or need a lot of taxis at the same time, it can be a good idea to use a personal driver hire service.