How to Be Sure That You Are As Safe As Possible When Travelling to and from an Airport

Posted on: 7 November 2017

It's generally accepted that airline travel is the safest form of transportation these days, but it does involve a lot of planning and a fair amount of stress due to delays and uncertainty. Whenever you've got a big trip ahead, you've got to be prepared and take into account all of the peripheral activities that are involved. While you might be safe "in the air," what about getting to and from the airport itself? Have you considered the best, most cost-effective and – importantly – safest way to handle this?

Looking out for Trouble

Wherever there is a major airport, there are a lot of people looking for opportunities. Generally, the government does a good job in regulating drivers who are allowed to transport you in an official capacity from your home or office to the terminal, but you need to make sure that you don't inadvertently choose an unregulated option.


It's important to choose a licensed shuttle operator that takes into account not only your comfort, but your safety as well. The best organisations will invest their resources into providing a top-quality service, not only so that they are competitive from a commercial point of view, but so that you are delivered to your destination on time and in one piece.

Care and Attention

When you look for a shuttle option, check to see that they are licensed from a local, state and federal perspective, as you know that they will then conform with all the various regulations. These organisations will make sure that they only choose the best drivers and check their background accordingly, before hiring them. Typically, each driver is drug tested through the course of their employment and many vehicles are now equipped with regulation devices so that they cannot be driven when any driver is impaired.

Standards of Service

Most companies will also put their drivers through a very intense safety and customer service program, to make sure that they pay absolute attention on the road and know how to deal fairly and warmly with their passengers.

Each vehicle has to go through a multi-point safety check every morning before it leaves the parking garage and will be subject to a rigourous, preventive maintenance schedule to make sure that the chance of breakdown is minimised. Remember, licensed operators have to carry the proper type of insurance on each vehicle, so that all passengers are covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. Furthermore, most vehicles are equipped with a camera unit, which can provide feedback and sometimes a live feed to the office.

Choosing Wisely

Take some of the guesswork out of your next big trip, by only choosing a shuttle company that you know and trust.