The growing transportation industry

Posted on: 9 December 2018

The transportation industry is one of the most important industries in Australia. If this industry isn't functioning, then the nation can come to a stand-still. Moreover, the economy is highly dependent upon a functioning heavy haulage transportation industry; everything we eat, drink and wear is reliant upon this industry. Heavy haulage, in particular, is the process of transporting heavy duty items (e.g. machinery, construction materials, etc.) across large distances. These heavy loads must be delivered safely and quickly to meet tight deadlines.  

The heavy haulage industry is susceptible to varying road conditions and worsening congestion in order to deliver their load safely and on time to customers. 

Options for transportation

Transport requires a range of heavy-duty vehicles attached to modifiable purpose-built trailers. Varying shipment loads means that different vehicles must be employed to do the job. Additional add-ons such as extendable trailers will often need to be attached to vehicles to haul longer materials. Extendable trailers can be extended up to 44 metres to accommodate larger/longer materials where the typical 12-metre length of the average truck is simply not enough. 

In addition to this, to be able to carry extremely heavy loads weighing many tonnes, for this purpose platform trailers can be added to heavy haulage vehicles. Particularly, these trailers are used to relocate trams, trains, cranes, earth moving machinery and machinery in general. 

Another type of add-on is a type of trailer extension called jinkers and dollies. These are connected to a prime mover vehicle and often used together to give mega weight lifting power-- up to 60 tonnes. Of course, drivers need to be qualified according to Australian guideline to steer these large vessel carriers across tight roads. The training for these drivers is not taken lightly, with each driver having to pass strict tests to obtain their heavy vehicle licence. 

The future of the heavy haulage industry

Experts agree that the requirement of an increased number of vehicles to fulfill transportation requirements is vital for the national economy. As the population continues to grow, we are only going to need an increased supply of food, construction materials, retail supplies and general goods. Moreover, more and more people are become part of the online shopping trend, and delivery of their parcels requires more transportation vehicles on the road. Therefore, it's a safe bet that heavy haulage vehicle sales will increase to accommodate the growing needs of the Australian population.