Should You Arrange Transportation for Your Wedding Guests?

Posted on: 15 June 2021

When you're attempting to keep your wedding budget at a manageable level, you might cast an eye over the section of your budget marked transportation. While it's not mandatory to arrange transportation for your wedding guests, it might prove to be necessary. How will you know?

A Central Location

If your wedding ceremony and reception take place at the same venue, and if that venue is centrally located, then you can generally safely eliminate transportation from your to-do list. If the venue is accessible with public transport or if it won't be prohibitively expensive in a taxi or a ride-hailing app, then your guests should be able to make their own way to your wedding without any difficulty. Any guests with mobility issues may need assistance.

A Not-So-Central Location

For ceremonies and receptions that take place in a rural setting (or even an urban location that's a fair distance from the city centre with limited public transport options), then you may need to arrange transportation for your guests. This doesn't need to be overly costly, and you don't need to provide a door-to-door car service. Simple bus hire will suffice, and this will get your guests where they need to be safely, comfortably, and on time. You can decide upon a series of pick-up locations in central, easily accessible areas, and your guests can be waiting for their ride.

An Offer of Transportation

Your wedding's location might warrant the need to make transport arrangements, but you won't necessarily know the extent of these plans without inquiring. When sending out invitations, include an offer of transportation from an easily accessible pick-up spot to your wedding and then back again. It's counterproductive to make these plans if very few guests will make use of the bus service. If a guest's transport needs are determined when they RSVP, you'll know whether or not you need to hire a bus and driver, and if so, which size bus will be required.

Two Separate Locations

Finally, if your ceremony and reception are to be held at separate locations, then a bus service between these two sites will be essential. Again, you should use your wedding invitations as a survey of sorts to determine who will be using private transportation, but it can be safely thought that a fair number of guests will make use of a bus that takes them from the ceremony to the reception.

It's a reasonable assumption that some guests will need help with transport when your wedding location isn't so convenient. Still, you need to find out how many guests you will need to transport, which is why you need to clarify this in the early stages of your planning. Reach out to a bus hire service to discuss your options.