Fancy-Dress Theme Ideas for Your Hen Party

Posted on: 15 March 2017

If you're planning a hen party, hiring a bus is the perfect way to step out in style. Not only can you visit many different bars and clubs without having to walk anywhere or get taxis, but you even have your own private party space when you're on the move.

To maximise how memorable the night is, don't just think about where you're going and how you're going to get there. The best parties have a fun theme to get everyone in the mood, so here are some top hen party theme ideas for your group.

Pyjama party

Wearing slippers and jammies on a night out might make you feel a bit silly, but there's no need to worry when your group of friends are all dressed the same! Complete the look with teddy bears and hot water bottles, and maybe have some spiked hot chocolate to drink on the bus between stops.

If you don't quite feel like going for ordinary pyjamas, you could have a onesie theme as an alternative.


Flappers, gangsters or gangsters' molls – the '20s was a glamorous decade, making it an excellent choice for a hen party theme. This is one that definitely fits in nicely with fancy cocktails on the bus.


Everyone has a favourite Disney princess, so encouraging members of your hen group to dress as theirs lets them bring their childhood dreams to life. Instead of princesses, you could also get people to let out their inner naughtiness by going for a villain theme instead.

Army girls

Camo clothing and face paints are pretty much all you need for this one, except maybe some toy weapons. Don't forget to dress the bride as a ranking officer to keep everyone else in line during the night, now she's earned her stripes.


The popularity of pirates never quite seems to disappear, and dressing as a group of sexy pirate wenches will certainly get you noticed in the bars! Make sure there's a good stock of rum to keep everyone happy, and bring a toy parrot or two.


Of course, you could just go for the tried-and-tested traditional hen party style. Lots of pink is needed here, with feather boas, tiaras and maybe some fairy wings, too. You can use sashes to let everyone know who's the bride and who are her hens, and don't forget the L-plates – which are, of course, available in pink.