2 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Transportation Company to Deliver Your Growing Business's Refrigerated Goods

Posted on: 23 February 2022

If you own and operate a business that produces refrigerated goods, you may have experienced an increase in demand for your products. Because of this, you may find yourself needing to find a method to transport more of the goods locally and further distances than your current means of transportation can handle.

Because of this, you may be looking to hire a transportation service that offers delivery of refrigerated goods. Besides asking about pickup and delivery schedules, consider asking the service a couple of the questions below to give yourself some peace of mind about the safe transport of your goods.

1.  Are the Boxes Loaded and Packed in a Way to Allow for Adequate Airflow Between Them?

One question you can ask the service about the transport of your goods has to do with the way that they are loaded into the truck. Are the boxes positioned in a way that allows for adequate space between them?

To keep refrigerated goods at the correct temperature, there must be space that allows for airflow around the boxes. When choosing a company to transport the boxes, double-check to make sure that there is enough space in the trucks to allow for this airflow.

You can then discuss what size truck you would need for the number of boxes. If you have a larger delivery, you may need to hire more than one truck. You can discuss this possibility with the service's representative.

2.  Are the Goods Checked Frequently During Transport to Ensure They Are Kept at a Safe Temperature?

Once you have established that the transport service allows for proper airflow during packing, the next question you can ask has to do with the temperature during transport. Does the driver stop at specific intervals to ensure that the temperature is kept at a safe level?

Because things can happen, such as a breakdown of the refrigeration unit on the truck, the company should have a set interval at which the driver checks the temperature of the goods. This allows them to make adjustments or take other corrective action in case the temperature starts to go up.

Asking these questions before you hire a transportation company can help give you peace of mind that your refrigerated goods will be transported in the ideal conditions required for them to arrive safely to their destination. If you have any further questions or need guidance on how to package your goods before pickup, contact a business that offers refrigerated transport services in your area to speak with a representative.