Important Questions to Ask When Arranging an Airport Taxi

Posted on: 21 March 2017

When you call to arrange an airport taxi, you want to ensure you ask all the right questions so you know you're choosing the best cab, and the best company for your needs. You may not think that there are many important details to consider for a simple taxi, but if you're hosting business guests from out of town or are travelling with your family, or if you need to arrange a taxi often, you'll want to note the following questions to go over with them before making your reservation.

Ask about storage space

Unless you're travelling with no more than a standard suitcase, you always want to ask about storage space in the cab. Never assume that a car trunk will fit your many pieces of luggage, as some cab companies today are using smaller cars for airport runs, to save on fuel costs and to cut down on pollution and emissions. You also may be restricted as to the pieces you can bring in the cab with you, if they don't fit in the trunk. If you're travelling with product samples or prototypes, oversized music pieces, sporting goods like skis, and the like, it's even more important to ask about trunk space, a luggage rack, and other needed storage.

Ask if they have age limits for children

The rules about keeping a child in a safety seat may vary from state to state and country to country, so your young child or toddler may actually need a car seat. Not all airport taxis provide these, and so they may restrict the ages of children they can accommodate in their cabs. Even if you bring your own child seat, they may also limit how many can be put in the taxi, so that there are enough seatbelts for all passengers. When travelling with children, always ask about these restrictions rather than assuming that even a minivan or town car can accommodate.

Ask if you get discounts for frequent use

If you travel often or consistently host guests from out of town, always ask about discounts for frequent use of a cab company. Many companies, even taxi services, offer enrolment in certain clubs or other such perks for regular customers, so that you can get discounts on their fares, hotel stays, restaurant tabs, admissions to nearby attractions, and so on. A taxi company may not offer this when you call, so it helps to outright ask if there are any discounts or other perks for being a regular customer.