Don't Just Wing It: Planning Tips for a Buck's Night Bus Party

Posted on: 9 January 2018

Planning a buck's night is a pretty tricky thing to do. Making sure everyone there has the best time possible is never easy, since everyone has different ideas about where they want to go and what they want to do there. Of course, it's really all about the groom-to-be, but even he indecisive enough to make things difficult.

This is one of the biggest reasons it's become popular to hire a party bus. It lets you make the most of the night by having your own venue on wheels, letting you stop off at various places throughout the party. If you're planning on going the party bus route, make sure you use these planning tips to stop any disappointment on the big night.

Book well in advance

It should go without saying that booking the bus with plenty of time to spare should be your first priority, but too many people leave it late and run into problems.

Until you've got a definite booking, you shouldn't go ahead with any other planning or you might end up having to change everything. Don't wait – book as soon as you have a date.

Plan your stops

Draw up a list of the bars and clubs you want to go to. If you're partying in your hometown, this should be easy, but if you're going elsewhere, do some research online to find out where the best spots are.

Call around bars and clubs

When you have your list of stops, it's worth giving them a call, especially if you have a big group. They might have policies that require a booking, so it's best to find out in advance. You may even find you can get special VIP treatment by making a group booking.

Stock the bus carefully

You're not likely to forget to take some booze onboard but remember some soft drinks too. It might not sound like it's in the party spirit, but a few bottles of water and some cola can make the difference between members of the party having a good time and ending their night feeling rough. Take a few snacks along, too, especially if you'll be eating early in the night.

Get your tunes ready

Most buses will let you play music on a CD or MP3 player. It's good to take the time to make a thoughtful playlist, with plenty of songs the whole group loves. Don't forget the groom's favourites.

Have an emergency plan

Although nothing should go wrong, it can. If you're in a city you don't know, make sure you have the driver's contact details in case you get lost. You should also let people know the route you're taking, and consider having a responsible member of the party who stays sober and ensures everyone has a good time.