How to Select a Flight School

Posted on: 23 April 2018

People who are planning to fly helicopters need to pay special attention to the training school which they select because that choice may have lasting impacts upon the pilot's career. This article discusses some helpful tips which you should implement in order to find the most appropriate flight school for your needs.

The Training Staff

Conduct some research into the experience of the people who will be responsible for getting you ready to receive your pilot's license. How many flight hours has the chief flight instructor at that training school clocked? What level of experience do the other instructors have? You stand a better chance of being a good helicopter pilot if you are trained by people who have extensive flying experience. 

Be Wary of Packaged Deals

You should avoid signing up at a flying school which insists that you pay a sum that covers different services at the training school. For example, don't sign up for a private helicopter pilot's license at the same time as a commercial pilot's license. Find a training school which allows you to pay for one service at a time. You can then decide whether you should get the additional training from that same facility, or go elsewhere for further training. Paying for one service at a time also makes it possible for you to avoid straining your finances excessively as you pursue your dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.


You should also look at the flight school as your first step into the employment world. For example, the reputation of the flight school can either make it easy or complicate the process of finding a job once you have completed your training. Select a flight school which has a positive reputation so that you don't get turned down for jobs just because you placed a certain flight school on your CV or resume. Secondly, it may also be advisable for you to select a flight school which offers charter flights or helicopter tours. Such a flight school may offer you more chances of getting adequate flight time during your training. The school may also have networks with other commercial helicopter service providers to whom they can recommend you upon completion of your training.

Examine your motivations for wishing to acquire a helicopter pilot license. That introspection will enable you to find a flight school which will help you to attain your objectives without any unnecessary hitches.